Message 1 of 9. DC Power Supply Driver. I get error or 0xBFFE saying that the session handle is not valid. Message 4 of 6. Is there anyone can look into this problem and give me some hints?

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What happens if you run an auto-zero and then take the measurement? Therefore the following are standard guesses: You are running into Dot-Comma-issues. It seems a communication error.

You can install the driver by double-clicking on the file. Is there another way for me to get to this information? The third link is the link to the IVI driver. There are a couple of possible reasons: I am very interesting in reading the KnowledgeBase article mentioned above, however, I receive a message saying that I do not have permission to read it.

Exactly what did you do to run a self-test? The driver installer calls an installer for these components if they are not already present on the system. Is there a better method for getting data over an RS connection?


Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results labvieq suggesting possible matches as you type. Double check behavior when setting “Simulate with” to “Don’t Simulate”. Message 2 of 6. It is also available from: Communication problems with the power supply Agilent EA.

I get no error message but nothing really happens to the power supply.

agilent power supply control – Discussion Forums – National Instruments

Most Active Software Boards: This utility does not remove any IVI drivers. BTW, the above vi can be found at: Or does it sound like it is an issue with the device instead of the VI?

In the driver session in MAX you have to configure what the exact instrument is you are going to use. This is not how I prefer to do things but you can easily modify the initialize function to configure the com port there.

This error can also occur if you have more than one Initialize VI in your program.


Agilent E36xx IVI-COM Driver

Message 6 of 6. It is able to install many of the required system components, including Windows Installer 2.

What type of connection to the instrument do you actually have? How to set up logical names for IVI class drivers. I added COM3 as a hardware asset for that driver session. Is the content shown in the display similar? Labvieq RS port is incorrectly configured.

Message 9 of 9. Now COM3 is associated with the hpexa driver session, which is associated with the logical name. The possible reason given for this is: Also, if I used the device driverrs to control the power supply, would that speed up the data aquisition process?