Go back into Windows and verify the printer driver that has been selected is correct. No, the platen knob is not to be used to load or adjust paper. No, you cannot remove the platen from the printer. This feature is selected via the printer’s control panel buttons. I was printing labels and one of the labels peeled off. Close the Control Panel. Close the Control Panel and the driver installation is complete.

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The printer has a built-in sensor that monitors the temperature of the print head. Color can be set in the macros and other color selection is software controlled.

My printer will epwon power-on at all when I connect the parallel cable. Can I connect this to an Apple Macintosh computer? SmartPark is an advanced paper handling feature. The short form tear-off feature automatically feeds the perforation of continuous paper to the tear-off position of the top cover when printing is complete.

Now my paper won’t epaon. What is micro-adjustment used for? For Windows 95 or 98, click Start, go to Settings, choose Printers, point to the default printer then right click once on your mouse.


Epson LQ-2550

Install the continuous feed paper onto the tractor. Why does the printer stop or pause in the middle of a print job? You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses eposn or your use. Disconnect the cable from the back of the printer and see if the power comes on. Once the cable has been reconnected, power the printer and computer back ON.

File:Epson LQ operator – Wikimedia Commons

If a different cable still has the same problem, try “masking” pin 31 on the la connector that attaches to the printer. SmartPark allows consecutive use of continuous paper and single sheets without having to remove the continuous tractor paper.

When I turn my printer on, the paper feeds through about one and a half pages, then stops. Why won’t my printer print bidirectional in Windows? If the errors occur frequently and you are positive the paper is being loaded correctly, you may want to consider taking the printer in to be serviced by an Authorized Epson dealer.

From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Why won’t it go to the right top-of-form position? I was printing labels and one of the labels peeled off.


Select Properties, go to the Details tab, click on the Spool Settings button, and choose the option “Print directly to the printer. The SmartPark feature is not available when using the printer in pull 2550cc position. Why am I getting garbage only in Windows?

The driver for the LQ was written by Microsoft. Lqq you are still getting garbage, change the cable. If either of these are selected, turn the printer OFF and manually eject the continuous feed paper.

What do these mean?

What is short form tear-off for? If you are still having problems, repeat the above steps.

If it still gives you garbage from another computer, have the printer taken in to be serviced. The printer starts printing too far down the page. No, you cannot remove the platen from the printer. The specification recommended is 25 percent.