Do this in all Aplications to full funtion of your TV Card. Video but no sound? About making Kworld TV Tuner work When I first started messing around, using the method I mentioned at the top of this thread, the result of “locate saa” would turn up these results Download for you FREE in http: This topic applies anyway??? Clicked on OK button. Restart your computer and check your card funtions.

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Documentation/video4linux/ – kernel/msm – Git at Google

Then, connet your internet and go to update. If you open ‘alsamixer -c 0’ or ‘alsamixer -c 1’, you should see what sound card is what in the upper left hand corner of the screen. In order to ensure these settings allow sound to come through, you need to use the video4linux 2 control utility v4l2-ctl to change them:.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. I think The error is not with the saa77134 This kernel already has the driver built-into it. Do I am doing something wrong??


KWorld Global TV Terminator

If it says board: Windows 7 IT Pro. Not working in MythTV?

Here are alternative versions of Henry Wong’s patch: Thank you very much! At Least my front painel works now Ambient temperature also adds noise to the signal. Make sure your internal card is ‘0’ or else you could have sound issues.

You may need to run extra commands on boot to unmute the analog card. A patch for remote support is floating around on the v4l mail list, however it is not yet complete kworpd stable. Make sure it is using the right soundcard and you may also have to change the Passthrough to the Alsa option. Turn off internet before updated you Windows.

Kworld PCI Analog TV Card Lite – LinuxTVWiki

I love the TV Card. All programs work with supplied loopback cable; ATSC audio out to sound card in.

Windows 7 Hardware Compatibility https: Do I simply delete each file or do I reverse a specific process to eliminate them? Kwold you do not install the sound drivers on your computer, the card will not work completely. Thank you all guys Even with winDVR 3 doesn’t work The final result should be greater than the dBm figure to have any hope of receiving a channel.


Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Easy to disable, Click the right button on update and Hide Update. Thanks in advance to those who help me.

Note that this patch hacks part of the infrared subsystem, so you may want to be especially wary of using ksorld if you have other infrared devices.

If you only see Unknown Multimedia device or similar, uninstall that and delete driver also. Note this may not work for users who are using v4l2-ctl as the output has changed. Retrieved from ” http: Uninstall all your TV Card drivers only. This should be it to get audio working, but you’ll probably want these steps to be taken every time the computer boots.