You’ll get rid of that slice and start hitting longer, straighter shots and start shooting lower golf scores! With the winter months upon us. But if you can swing the club without breaking it, you’ll know you’re swinging correctly. The hinged club will let you know when you are swinging incorrectly by breaking down at the point where there is a flaw in the swing. This item doesn’t belong on this page. I use to re-tune my golf swing.

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Featuring a 7 iron’s loft, a hittable face and weighing in at just under 2 lbs. Once you learn to swing the Medicus Driver without breaking it you know you are swinging in tempo and on plane. Be very cautious in dealing with this company.

Plus we’ll rush you the Ten Minutes to Tremendous Power E-book, filled with lessons and golf specific exercises that will add power to your golf swing! The Medicus Driver has been chosen by golf pros as the 1 swing trainer club in the world. Studies have shown that when using the DualHinge D. Develops muscle memory so that you develop a perfect and repeating swing. I am the original owner of this club trainer and power hitter. I swing it at home for about minutes at a time about twice a week and as a warm-up club before playing.


The Medicus comes with a DVD but the instruction from this training aid is primarily from the feedback you get when using it. Just recently started using, and already notice improvement in swing.

Medicus Golf Dual Hinge 460cc Driver Swing Trainer Club Men’s RH Training Aid

You then take swings trying to keep the hinge from breaking. It is heavy and in addition to wrist cocking and keeping on plane it also forces you to stay balanced especially on follow through. I used golg medicus with the help of a golf instructor. Learn how to improve your swing plane and swing tempo.

Before I had trouble just swinging the clubs…now I can actually hit balls with them. Let’s you groove the perfect golf swing. Also you would have to stop in the middle of your swing,who does that? Medicus training equipment When I need to tweek my swing fundamentals I quickly grab my Medicus driver and start swinging.

Medicus cc Driver Loft Zman September 8, at 4: Newest technology to train for today’s oversized drivers.

Medicus Golf Dual Hinge cc Driver Swing Trainer Club Men’s RH Training Aid | eBay

duwl Look over pictures and contact us with any questions. Once your swing is on path, the club will remain intact- maximizing distance, accuracy, and ball flight. Medicus Dual Hinge cc On the positive side, we found it to be very effective at teaching a smooth and slow takeaway.


This is a good condition medicus 4600cc There were also quite a few complaints of broken products that the company does not fix. Medicus cc Driver Trainer Loft Check out the pictures and bid with confidence.

The Medicus changed all of that. Skip to main content.

Medicus Dual Hinge cc Driver at

It has seriously improved my tempo, swing plane and wrist cocking. The club head has a ding on toe see picture but nothing that will effect use.

It appears that practicing with Medicus will all but guarantee a smoother, more consistent swing while adding distance and achieving greater accuracy. Medicus cc Driver Choose Loft